Sunday, May 22, 2011

weekend fun !

 So my weekend started early this time..  I have some friends from Arizona that i originally met in Vegas a couple years ago and they come to San Diego every summer so they've invited me to meet up the last couple times and i brought my girlfriend erika along this time... We left wednesday night and surprisingly got there in only an hour and a half.  As soon as we got there, we went out to the PB shore club.  I had a blast from what i can remember lol... 
"trying" to dance on ninos lol

The next morning we went off to the beach and rented bikes.  I hadn't rode a bike probably since i was like 12 years old.  As soon as i got on, i realized i couldnt reach the pedals and ran into a building !! EMBARRASSING !!.. Plus, i had already had a few drinks that day so that didn't help my riding skills either.  We rode down the beach for a while and made a few stops at some bars and to eat.... and to help me get back up from crashing quite a few times:/

We finally got pooped out and went back to the house for a nap and to get ready for another night out.  That night we went to moondoggies.  It was a lot of fun.  I woke up Friday morning and walked into the bathroom and saw that i barfed on the rug and there was some splattered on the wall as well.. OOPS !!....... 
We then packed up and said goodbye to SD:(.... Though we are planning on going back this upcoming weekend:)

Friday night i was so exhausted from SD, i decided to stay in... though that was not the case saturday night!... My friend yahaira, her sis, her sis' friend, and i decided to go to pasadena since they had never been.  We always go to club menage first just cuz when it gets crazy packed, we can go to others bars.  Then we went to Villa Sorriso which is a super pretty outdoor club.  It was nice dancing outside since i was sweating like a hooker in church at menage.  The girls were complaining about their feet hurting so we left and passed by Jakes burgers and it smelled so good we couldn't resist.... I think that had to be one of the best and biggest burgers i ever had. What a nice way to end a good weekend:)

me n yahaira taking tequila shots


  1. Yote always barfing!! Maybe you shouldnt drink so much..NASTY! Or carry a trash can next to u..haha

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